Forgotten Ontario

Abandoned Places In Ontario And Alberta


Have you ever been driving down a country road and wondered about the desolate,spooky abandoned house sitting on a hill? Or a school,long boarded up and silent,waiting for it's date with the wrecking ball? Often times,these places sit forgotten,containing nothing but random artifacts from their residents and their histories, which otherwise,would never be told. Urban exploration,when done in a respectful manner can often be the only documentation left before the building returns to the elements over time ~or more likely,demolished.

In recent years,myself and various compadres have explored several such places so I thought I'd finally create my own site for others' perusal and enjoyment. This site is still in the developing stages though and I have much more to add,so please check back soon!

To maintain the integrity and security of the various sites shown here,I will not reveal their actual locations,unless they have been demolished. Urban exploration is fascinating,but there are many dangers as well so I do not recommend it in any way. Should you decide to give it a try,do so at your own risk and please abide by the old but very valid rule 'take nothing but pictures,leave nothing but footprints'.

Great care is always taken to not damage,vandalize or steal from any location,out of respect for the owners and future explorers. I hope you enjoy my pictures,which are essentially taken for memories' sake,by NO means do I consider myself a photographer.

I would very much like to hear from anyone who has any knowledge surrounding the history of any place you see here,it would be greatly appreciated.


I've recently relocated to Alberta but instead of creating a new site,I've added some new locations here. Enjoy!

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